Ogham Gifts

Our Ogham Plaques are individually handcrafted in copper in our workshop in Co Longford. Ogham Plaques are beautiful original gifts for all occasions and can be inscripted with any Christian Name or Surname. These make a wonderful personalized gift for any special occasion, e.g. weddings, engagements, birthdays etc.

Ogham (pronounced with a silent “G”) consists of a form of Ancient Celtic writing in which the letters are represented by a combination of parallel strokes in number one to five, set in varied positions on a central stemline. In the ogham alphabet there are 20 ordinary letters and 5 “Forfeda” or extra letters mainly Dipthongs.

It seems likely that the letters were originally indicated by using the fingers from one to five, and it is certain that people amongst whom this sophisticated method was developed must have been able to read and write. Usually the Celts wrote the name of a person on an ogham stone, but it seems that these stones were not gravestones as no remains or artifacts’ were ever found under them. Most likely they were used to honour great warriors.

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